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Enjoy Shetewy Pay fintech capabilities and scale your business globally! Secure, Convenient, Powerful!

Your Single Partner!

Shetewy Pay, a one-stop fintech services provider provides you with a single connection to benefit from tens of premium services and APMs at super competitive pricing!
Payment cards

Generate up to 4 Instant Visa Virtual Cards directly from your account

Bank Transfers

Send fast hassle-free SWIFT/IBAN Bank Transfers, anywhere, anytime!


Smart E-Wallet with Currency Conversion and internal transfer features


Secures transactions with guaranteed deliverables!

API Integration

Developers-friendly API to integrate to your Mobile or Web Apps


Send invoices and request payments from your Personal / BIZ accounts

Western Union

Instantly send and receive WU Transfers from your account using your MTCN

Multiple Channles

Multiple online and offline top-up and withdrawal channels worldwide


KYC/AML, CDD, EDD Compliance with High-Risk Transaction Monitoring

Bank Account Protocols

Create official personal and BIZ bank accounts using Shetewy Pay Network

Gift Cards

Enjoy tens of gift cards available on the My Cards Store with email delivery

Multiple Languages

Supports English, Arabic, Chinese, and French with localization features

Prime Accounts

Enjoy PRIME customer support via SPP Accounts, including phone banking capabilities

POS Terminals

Obtain MID and start using SP-Connected Contactless-card supported POS Terminals

Unlimited Requests

Request funds withdrawal, anytime, anywhere, for funds starting from $50.00 per each withdrawal request

Customer Support

Enjoy connecting to multiple support channels, supports multiple languages, 24/5. And ER Response

Acceptable everywhere!

Tens of Thousands of online marketplaces, stores and services are available for shopping by Shetewy Pay Cards that are acceptable everywhere! Including Amazon, Skype, GoDaddy, and eBay.
  • Amazon
  • Skype
  • GoDaddy
  • ebay
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Bank Account. Now.

Through Shetewy Pay Banking Protocol, you will be able to sign up for new international bank accounts, without leaving your home country, through a secure, legitimate, and convenient process.
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Service Updates

Learn more about Shetewy Pay News and Updates
Now you can migrate contacts from your Hubspot account to your Shetewy Pay account

HubSpot Migration

This article will share some tips as a quick walkthrough of how to export your contacts from Hubspot and import them into Shetewy Pay.

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Google Pay

Convert Virtual to NFC

By using TAWWA Cards thru Google Pay! You can pay using TAWWA in any restaurant, cinema 🎬, or shopping mall using the NFC feature of your phone.

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Clarification of Banking Protocol

Protocol Clarification

Clarification regarding the protocol for opening accounts at Albaraka Türk Katılım Bankası that Shetewy Pay recently announced.

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Direct access to Segment’s CDI

Access to Segment’s CDI

Shetewy Pay will receive up to two years’ free access to Segment’s CDI, ($25,000* in annual credit) Alongside exclusive marketing, data warehouse, and analytics tools.

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ICP Certification in China

Chinese ICP Certification

Shetewy Pay started the ICP Zheng, ICP经营许可证 Certification Process to operate its e-payment gateway services inside mainland China.

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Integrate Shetewy Pay API now

Expand to 173+ M!

How can the new payment gateway help your business grow and expand to more than 173 million potential customers in different countries.

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