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A Singapore-based fintech startup; that helps to facilitate payments using +17 payment gateway; Including Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, Bank Transfers, Bank Deposits, mobile payments, and others. Operating in MENA and GCC region. Along with Virtual VISA cards services, Western Union, EFT/IBAN Transfers, Gift Cards, and more!

In today's world, we launched Shetewy Pay to empower and enables thousands of businesses and professionals to easily connect with new marketplaces and services, and grow globally! Using Shetewy Pay's fast, flexible, and secure solutions. Shetewy Pay is connecting businesses and professionals for fulfilling their business and customer needs. We strive to provide the most comprehensive solution for the global expansion of your business. Shetewy Pay reliable, secure, and premium services offer you the freedom to start or evolve a thriving business with borderless digital dealings.

Shetewy Pay two-sided networks empowers you toward new markets and customers through: Quick and Efficient Payment Gateway, Reliable and Convenient Banking Services, Transparent and Secure Transactions, and Premium Customer Support and User Experience.

We are working with the motive of enabling millions of entrepreneurs and businesses to connect with new channels, potential customers, and markets. With Shetewy Pay designed gateway and solutions, your customers will be able to avail your business services and products from anywhere in the world.

Shetewy Pay believes in the empowerment of our entrepreneurial and internet sellers’ community. With their empowerment, we can attain long-term economic goals while establishing an eminent solution model to raise the global economy. So, come to the Shetewy Pay borderless digital world of transactions and evolve your local business into international!

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Our Story

In the borderless digital era, professional and business mindsets are globally expanding their business. There is a huge target market that exists around each corner of the world. Moreover, with the increasing potential in freelancing work, people want well-designed solutions and money-related services for their secure and transparent dealings and transactions.

For achieving a vision, business needs clear and effective support for efficient and fast dealing with customers. But finding flexible, low-cost, and innovative solutions isn’t easy. A customer wants a trustworthy payment gateway for dealing. Our entrepreneurial, freelancers, and business community are critically looking towards perfect user experience and gateway.

To solve all the dealing concerns and challenges, Shetewy Pay was launched to provide the upmost money related and payment services with advanced innovations and the latest trends. With our comprehensive model, we are making millions of businesses and freelancers empower for the uplifting global economy with sustainable development results.

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