SPC Financial Services

Enable Innovation and take a significant milestone by integrating SPCFS


The Shetewy Pay Cloud for Financial Services offers powerful designed services for financial institutions in Libya to integrate Shetewy Pay services to their ecosystem, with respect to security, compliance, and resiliency that banks require. The set of services included helps banks in Libya to digitally transform their institutions and provide world-class services, at zero need for hardware or software upgrades! Thanks to Shetewy Pay wide range of deployment Integrations, that works with all banks' systems in Libya.

Why Shetewy Pay Cloud for Financial Services?

Shetewy Pay provides innovative services including Visa Virtual Cards, Maya, Money Transfer Services, And withdrawal to personal and business banks, with regtech capabilities, KYOK encryption capabilities, and FIPS 140-2. By integrating SPCFS to your system, your clients will be able to benefit from these services directly from your own interface, using your data centers, with no middle man in between.

How easy can you digitally transform your banking services?

By using our secure, compliant automated deployment architecture, you can easily activate, migrate, and deploy your selected Shetewy Pay services on the cloud. Includes HSM (Hardware Security Module) that gives you data encryption and assigned HSM control.

Data Security

By using your own dedicated data centers, or using Shetewy Pay Servers, Shetewy Pay security ensures that you are the only party that has access to your data, with full complete control. Your data is secured by high-end access management capabilities using SP Cloud ID and SPIC (Shetewy Pay Identity Connect) and Activity Tracker.

How to get started?

Please connect with go@shetewypay.com, our team will contact you to schedule a meeting with your team, for a quick 25 minutes presentation, and a 21 days demo with full integration capabilities and ten active VISA-type virtual cards, business tier. Make sure to send the message using your business email, As the system will auto-reject emails coming from free service providers like iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc..