Service Fees

Shetewy Pay utilization fees and pricing information for services.

User Services Fees
Shetewy Pay Account Opening USD 0.00
Wallet Annual Maintenance Fee USD 5.00
Dormant Wallet Fee
If the wallet is not used for 120 days
USD 3.00
Tawwa Card Transactional Fee 0%
Wallet Funding Using Credit Card or Bank Transfer 2% + 0.25 USD
Wallet Funding via Shetewy Pay Agent 3%
Transfer between wallet to another 0%
Cross-Border Money Transfer SWIFT/IBAN 9% + USD 0.25
Tawwa VISA Card Generation Free
Tawwa VISA Card Closure USD 0.00
Standard VISA Card Closure USD 50.00
Maya New Project [What's Maya?] 1% + USD 5.00
IBAN Business Account Number Activation including all paperwork USD 750.00
API Activation for local and cross-border transfers (Business Accounts Only) Free
API Transactional Fee (Business Accounts Only) 1% + 0.25 USD
Money Transfer Control Number Verification Free
Receive Western Union Transfers to your account
Service is not supported in Libya, Sudan, Turkey, and Yemen.
15.00 USD + Service Fees
Send Money Online via Western Union
Service is not supported in Libya, Sudan, and Yemen.
12.00 USD + Service Fees