Google Pay™

Activate your Google Pay with Shetewy Pay Tawwa Cards

Tawwa + Google Pay

Google Pay is a free digital wallet that you can use to keep all your cards and securely pay using them. You can use Google Pay to store your bank cards, credit cards, and your Shetewy Pay Tawwa cards.

By using TAWWA Cards issued from your account on Shetewy Pay, you can add these cards to your Google Pay wallet and use them to pay in websites where virtual VISA cards are not accepted. Or use the Google Pay app and pay in real time in a restaurant, cinema 🎬, or shopping mall using NFC feature of your phone. Your cards are securely stored and encrypted by Google.

Get started using your Tawwa Cards

After issuing your TAWWA card from Shetewy Pay, and adding it to your Google Pay account. You can start to pay for a goods and/or services on any website, all you have to do is choose "Payment via Google Pay" and then choose your Tawwa card from the list of your registered cards.

Can i generate Tawwa cards now?

Currently, Shetewy Pay is in Beta testing stage. Only 23 of pre-selected beta testers will be able to test the service during this period. The phase 2 of our beta testing will be released on 5 August 2020 and will end on 15 August 2020, and will be open to pre-selected 35 beta testers to try and provide feedback to improve better the final testing before the launch of the service. We will publish an announcement for phase 2 Beta testing on our social media channels. Please understand that not everybody will gain access to our testing.

The final release of the service is scheduled before the end of August 2020.