Hello Maya!

Maya, a new service from Shetewy Pay allows you to secure your payouts and release them to any service providers' accounts based on a specific event, action or milestone.

Maya is an Amazigh name for powerful women in Amazigh history, known for their strength, and the name means The strong mountains' echo.


So, how to use Maya?

You can easily use the Maya system and create a new business relationship by typing the service provider account number on Shetewy Pay, then create "Milestones", and fill the project values, conditions, the project start date, and expected deadline.

What happens next?

Immediately, the Maya system sends a confirmation message to the service provider’s account to be informed of your agreement settings, and as soon as they approve that, Maya will secure the project full payment from your digital wallet so you cannot withdraw, you can't use this amount as long the project is active, this provides a guarantee to the service provider that the project funds are secured by our automated system. you can release payments upon each milestone delivery, or your service provider can request release at any time so you can accept, or reject.