Customer Assistance Policy

Financial security and service are our number one priority! Our highly trained, courteous, and experienced staff members are available to assist you and bring to a swift resolution to any questions or concerns.

A full and final response will be issued within 14 business days from the date we receive your initial complaint, with our understanding of your concerns and a possible resolution. If we are unable to issue our full and final response within 14 business days, we will write to update you on the progress of your complaint and the expected resolution date. We are committed to ensuring all complaints are fairly addressed.

The complaint-handling contact point is Shetewy Pay Customer Care Case Specialists Team Leader. Any customer support issue that is escalated to a complaint will be forwarded to the Customer Care Case Specialists Team Leader.

If you are not satisfied with the response provided by Shetewy Pay Customer Care Case Specialists Team Leader, you may forward your complaint to the Shetewy Pay VP Customer Care at [email protected]. Shetewy Pay VP Customer Care is part of Shetewy Pay’s Executive Management team, and should be able to resolve any complaints that were not fully resolved by the Case Specialists Team Leader.

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