Data Protection

During your registration with Shetewy Pay, you, the account owner, will be prompted to select and enter a personal password to provide a first line of defense for your account. Only you are involved in the selection process, and you can update your password in the future whenever you wish. Passwords are encrypted and inaccessible to anyone inside Shetewy Pay.

All of your personal data, as well as each transaction, is protected by strong encryption that makes data unreadable. Once we receive your information, it is protected within our network by secured firewalls.

All data is backed up continuously. In addition to electronic protections, Shetewy Pay has implemented procedures to protect the physical security and integrity of all data. We are constantly updating our protocols to prevent losses to our facilities through fire, physical theft and accidents. Every access point, either hardware or software related, is protected by secured firewalls and virus detection systems which eliminate tampering and hacking. Along with our IT staff continually reviewing our systems and applying software patches to close any potential breaches in security, our systems undergo a mandatory annual and comprehensive PCI audit.

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