How does Maya protect me?

Maya holds the funds while goods are moved and services are completed.

Maya will ensure that the Seller is paid when the goods are delivered or the agreed services are performed, and that the Buyer is refunded if the goods are not delivered or the services are not performed. to Maya also screens buyers and sellers to ensure fraudulent users are weeded out.

How we protect our buyers:

  1. Seller will not be paid until Buyer has inspected and accepted the goods or services or the agreed inspection period has expired.
  2. Full or partial refunds are available if there is a problem with the product or service. Maya uses trackable online shipping information sent by the seller to to confirm delivery of the trackable item to the buyer.

Seller protection methods:

  1. The seller receives the money as soon as the goods or services are delivered, the buyer accepts the goods or services, or the agreed inspection period expires.
  2. Once Maya has confirmed that funds have been authorized and protected by the Buyer and all anti-fraud rules have been met, the Seller will be notified to ship the goods and services.
  3. If the item is returned, the tracking code or the method provided by the buyer will confirm that the item was delivered to the merchant with tracking.
  4. Sellers are protected from unexpected chargebacks.

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