KYC Compliance

We use the right tools for Know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering compliance, that helps Identifying high-risk users, using real time list monitoring and automated screening tools.

Shetewy Pay uses leading tools when it comes to KYC and AML, we verify identity using Government-issued ID cards and Government-issued Passports only. Our fraud prevention system allow us to mark a group of members and further verify the authenticity of their documents requested notarized documents and/or more documents that helps clearing their status from our system.

All our users names and information are screened by automated tools based on Interpol, HMT, UN, OFAC, FATF PEP/terrorists and blacklisted organizations/persons and watchlists. Screening operations are performed against global watchlists and jurisdictions. Our KYC/AML compliance ensures that our due diligence measurements is automated while we maintain the maximum productivity and operational efficiencies of Shetewy Pay Service.

Before using Shetewy Pay services, you will need to sign up for an account then click here to upload a KYC document to support the filled personal information of your newly created account. Please note that only verified accounts will be able to use Shetewy Pay services, including, but not limited to, Tawwa cards, Money Transfer, and Local Bank Withdrawl.

First, you will need to:

  • Enter you account number
  • State your gender: Male or female
  • First Name: Your real name in English as written in your Passport.
  • Middle Name: Your real middle name in English as written in your Passport – (Not Mandatory).
  • Last Name: Your real last name in English as written in your Passport.
  • Email Address: This field will automatically be filled with the email address you used while creating your account.
  • Date of Birth: Your real date of birth as written in your Passport.
  • Nationality: Select your nationality from the drop down list as written in your Passport.
  • Detailed /address 1: Insert your full address.
  • Detailed /address 2: Insert more details related to your address – (Not Mandatory).
  • City of Residence: Insert the name of the city you currently live in.
  • Country: Select the country you are currently living in from the drop down list.
  • Mobile Telephone: This field will automatically be filled with the mobile number you used while creating your account.
  • Language: Select your preferred language from the drop down menu.
  • File 1: You will need to upload a KYC document to support the filled personal information. The ONLY accepted document is Passports at the mean time. Allowed extensions are (jpeg, jpg, doc, pdf, docx, png or gif). If you upload an irrelevant or fake document such as pictures of animals, nature, shapes or even your personal picture, the document will be rejected.
  • Personal ID type: Select the type of document you wish to upload.
  • ID Number: Insert your national ID number in this field.
  • ID Expiry Date: Insert the expiry date of the document you wish to upload as written on the document.
  • File 2: Use this option to upload the backside of your ID, in case you had two images one for the front side and one for the back side – (Not Mandatory).

By completing the above, a message will appear that you have successfully uploaded your identification documents and Shetewy Pay team will review the documents in five working days and an email will be sent to you in case it was approved or declined. In case of declination, you will be informed about the reasons of declination so you can log in and resubmit the document or information.