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Now you can migrate contacts from your Hubspot account to your Shetewy Pay account

HubSpot Migration

This article will share some tips as a quick walkthrough of how to export your contacts from Hubspot and import them into Shetewy Pay.

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Protocol Clarification

Protocol Clarification

Clarification regarding the protocol for opening accounts at Albaraka Türk Katılım Bankası that Shetewy Pay recently announced.

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Google Pay

Convert Virtual to NFC

By using TAWWA Cards thru Google Pay! You can pay using TAWWA in any restaurant, cinema 🎬, or shopping mall using NFC feature of your phone.

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Use Mashreq Bank to top up your account

Mashreq Bank UAE

As a user inside the United Arab Emirates, you can easily make a local transfer to your Shetewy Pay account, and add credit to your account in minutes.

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ICP Certification in China

Chinese ICP Certification

Shetewy Pay started the ICP Zheng, ICP经营许可证 Certification Process to operate its services inside mainland China.

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Direct access to Segment’s CDI

Access to Segment’s CDI

Shetewy Pay will receive up to two years’ free access to Segment’s CDI, ($25,000* in annual credit) Alongside exclusive marketing, data warehouse, and analytics tools.

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Integrate Shetewy Pay API now

Expand to 173+ M!

How can the new payment gateway help your business grow and expand to more than 173 million potential customers in different countries.

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Twilio Startup Program

Twilio and SendGrid

Shetewy Pay joins the Twilio Startup Program which provide us with free credit for one year for Twilio and SendGrid services with mentorship using their team of experts.

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