If I have any questions about the product, do I contact Shetewy Pay?

All purchasers are strongly encouraged to contact the seller directly to verify the details of the products and/or services being exchanged in the transaction.For an accurate description of what is being sold or supplied, both parties agree on the scope of the transaction. Any doubts about any element of a transaction must be resolved at the beginning of each transaction.

Products must be clearly defined in the “Description” section of the transaction, and both Buyer and Seller must agree to all aspects of the transaction, including the “Description” section, at the beginning of the transaction. In the case of complex transactions, it is recommended that a contract be drawn up and signed by the buyer and seller in order to fully clarify the products and/or services to be transferred and/or concluded. In addition, once the purchaser receives the products and/or services, the inspection period will be important to ensure that the products and/or services are as described in the "description" or contract. If the products and/or services do not match what was agreed upon at the time the transaction was initiated, the purchaser has the option of returning or refusing the products and/or services prior to the end of the inspection period.

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