Shetewy Pay joins the Twilio Startup Program

Shetewy Pay joins the Twilio Startup Program which provide us with free credit for one year with mentorship using their team of intl. experts.

What's Twilio Startup Program?

Twilio Startups is designed for pre-Series A startups looking to launch and scale their customer engagement strategy with Twilio and/or Twilio SendGrid. For eligible founders, Twilio Startups provides product credits, education, and resources.

Twilio was founded in 2007 when our first product roadmap was written on the back of a pizza box. Our history is rooted in startup culture, so we know what it takes to grow as one. That’s why we want to work with you to help you achieve whatever you’ve set out to.

Twilio Startups will help Shetewy Pay through its API-powered platform that gives us the ability to create a customer engagement strategy at a global scale.

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