API Error Codes

The following table describes the reason codes returned by the Customer Profile Simple Order API. See information about handling responses for an explanation of responses, decisions, and reason codes.

Error Code Description
1001 General system failure
1002 Please use POST request
1003 Token expired
1004 The merchant information is invalid
1005 Cannot init the transaction
1006 Your access domain has been declined
1010 The request is missing one or more required fields
1011 One or more fields in the request contain invalid data
1012 The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts
1069 General decline by the processor
1113 The order is marked for review
1155 Invalid account number
1162 The order has been rejected by Shetewy Pay due to violation of TOS
1192 The transaction has already been settled
1235 The Merchant Reference Code in this authorization request matches the Merchant Reference Code in another Authorization Request you have submitted within the last 15 minutes
1275 Address match not found (no reason given)
1277 Account is prohibited from processing stand-alone refunds
1353 Customer's account is blocked
1362 Fraud score exceeds the threshold
1469 Route service identifier not found or out of range
1520 The request was received, but there was a timeout at the payment processor
1546 There is a problem with your Shetewy Pay merchant configuration
1662 Unsupported character set
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