Introducing: Mattgur

Start your new online store and get your merchant approval in 3 business days! The “Mattgur” platform is approved by Marouf Registery Number 273621, and Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority Registery Number 3113799538. All business documentation operations are conducted through the ABSHER platform and the Ministry of Commerce of Saudi Arabia.


Your Mattgur analytics is integrated into your marketplace dashboard! Along with Google Analytics. Get your analytics reports on your phone or email, with scheduled notifications.


Mattgur is designed to be secure! Safeguard network infrastructure against L3 and L4 DDoS Attacks, Zero-Trust browsing Policy and Browser Isolation (No SWG), Marketplace dashboard can be logged in via authorized APIs only, Integrated AV Scanner, SIEN Logs Pushing, Load Balancing up to L4 Users' Traffic, Brute Force Protection, HSTS Protocol, and Encrypted SNI.

Live Chat

Enjoy responding to your customers via live chat built into your Mattgur! Or hire extra agents to respond on your behalf using your Mattgur's dashboard.

Business Incorporation

Some payment channels require you to have an up and active company, we will help you to register your company quickly and in several countries with a comprehensive explanation of all the advantages of each package. Incorporate an LLC, C corp, or S corp using Shetewy Pay Business Incorporation Service.

Shipping Management

Easily connect to leading shipping services providers (i.e. Aramex) using APIs, to fully automate your Mattgur processes

Supported Payment Channels

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mada, Vodafone Cash, STC Pay.


The products and services listed on this website are only available in the countries and territories where and when they can be legally offered. The material on these pages is not intended for use by persons located in the countries and territories restricted by Shetewy Pay. People accessing these pages are asked to understand that there may be restrictions on the types of services to their location. In addition, not all products or services mentioned on this website will be available to residents of all countries and territories, due to Shetewy Pay's policy. Some countries/regions require you to be a verified Shetewy Pay customer before accessing Mattgur.

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