Pricing Information For Wussla, Systma Cloud, Systma Self Hosted, and Mattgur

Per Month
Per Year
Wussla 10.00 USD (or 300 EGP)
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99.00 USD (or 2999 EGP)
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Systma Cloud 45.00 USD
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450.00 USD (Includes two free months)
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Systma Self Hosted 75.00 USD
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799.00 USD (Includes two free months)
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Mattgur Visit Mattgur Saudi Arabia

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How does pricing work?

Shetewy Pay offers you a monthly subscription based pricing for the vast majority of our services, there are no additional costs charged, transaction fees, annual support fees, or termination fees.

How to pay?

Shetewy Pay accepts payments in British pound, Euro, Saudi Riyal, US dollar, and Egyptian Pounds, via bank transfer payments to our available bank accounts. We support payments via Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Union Pay, PayPal, Mada, STC Pay, Vodafone Cash, and Skrill.