Shetewy Pay Services Update

Our company is pleased to announce our newest and most comprehensive suite of services yet! Since the launch of our service, Shetewy Pay has been providing money transaction services, top-ups with Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, local agents, MTCN Western Union and Mashreq Bank for UAE customers! Payment gateway with documented API, exclusive discounts on brands (e.g. Farfetch), marketplaces, virtual POS, physical POS, subscription cards for Netflix, Shahid VIP, mobile games, Google Play, mobile games and more! Shetewy Pay ran under a Singapore license in partnership with local banks, has already had a loyal customer base of over 4,000 people in the Middle East and South Africa since our first service in 2020.

As of today, Shetewy Pay will come under UK judiciary to operate as a UK Fintech Products Service Provider, fully integrated under UK law and recognized by Companies House, the UK Government's executive body that keeps the register of companies, employs the business registrars and is responsible for the incorporation of all forms of company in the UK.

Our previous money transfer and digital wallet licenses in Singapore are terminated. Our new license will allow us to cover a broader market with more comprehensive fintech products and services. With this change, we are pleased to announce our new services and products as follows:

  • Mattgur Saudi Arabia: A new fintech marketplace solution from Shetewy Pay that enables merchants to launch their new online store! The "Mattgur" platform is authorized by Maarouf Saudi Arabia and is subject to the laws of the Saudi Personal Data Protection System and administration of the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission.

    Mattgur Saudi Arabia version accepts payments via MyFatoorah, STC Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Sadad, Mada. Invoices are compliant with the General Authority of Zakat And Tax. All business documentation operations are conducted through the ABSHER platform and the Ministry of Commerce of Saudi Arabia. Mattgur is operating in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council with the Saudi Commercial Register number 4030481861.

  • Mattgur Egypt: An Egypt-focused B2B2C eCommerce platform solution by Shetewy Pay, eallows merchants to easily create an online store. Seamless integration with traditional payment methods such as Vodafone Cash, makes life easier for both merchants and customers. The platform also allows business owners to customize their product catalog to suit their unique business needs! An end-to-end mobile payment that maximizes conversions and minimizes risk, with a clear monthly subscription plan and zero transaction fees.

  • Wussla App Connector: New rapid integration with Vodafone Cash Network in Egypt, helps your business to easily accept payments through a single, well-documented, developer-friendly API. Shetewy Pay does not charge any fees for ongoing transactions, all your money is managed and processed entirely without any third party interaction or involvement, including us!

  • Systma Banking OS: Systma Banking OS allows companies to easily send payment links via SMS and WhatsApp. Your customers can conveniently pay with their mobile phone! Wussla also sends instant receipts to your customers, reducing friction at checkout and providing a seamless user experience.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

We have updated our Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy to reflect the rapid changes in how our customers can use our new services. We want to make sure you are aware of our new policies and procedures so you can continue to use our products the way you have come to expect. Our new TOS will come into effect on January 15, 2023.

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